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Note: the date shown indicates when the image was captured.

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Avenir Centre - Downtown Moncton
2018/08/12           Moncton, NB
1 Elevated Spherical Panorama
2014 Santa Claus Parade
2014/11/22           Moncton, NB
4 Inter-linked Spherical Panoramas + audio, for iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
Tree of Hope Radiothon (FR), 2014
2014/11/28           Moncton & Dieppe, NB
Several Inter-linked Spherical Panoramas
Tree of Hope Radiothon (FR), 2013
2013/11/29           Dieppe, NB
5 Inter-linked Spherical Panoramas, for iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
JDRF Touch-A-Truck Event 2013
2013/09/28           Moncton, NB
1 (very) Elevated Spherical Panorama in 2 versions, for iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta 2013
2013/09/07           Sussex, NB
5 Spherical Panoramas
Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravaganza 2013
2013/07/14           Moncton, NB
9 Inter-linked Elevated Spherical Panoramas
Moncton Maple Sugar Camp
2013/04/16           Moncton (Turtle Creek), NB
One Spherical Panorama with photomontage
Assomption Blvd at Downing Street
2007/09/09           Moncton, NB
One Cylindrical Panorama with interactive labels
2012 Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade
2012/11/24           Moncton, NB
One Spherical Panorama With Audio, For iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
Tree of Hope Radiothon (FR) 2012
2012/11/30           Dieppe, NB
4 Inter-linked Spherical Panoramas, for iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
Surfers on the Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore
2012/07/24           Moncton, NB
1 Elevated Spherical Panorama
Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravaganza 2012
2012/07/13           Moncton, NB
6 Inter-linked Elevated Spherical Panoramas
Shediac Lobster Festival 2010
2012/07/10           Moncton, NB
3 Linked Spherical Panoramas
2011 Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade
2011-11-26           Moncton, NB
3 Linked Spherical Panoramas with ambient sound
Irishtown Nature Park
2011-2012           Moncton, NB
7 Linked Spherical Panoramas, for iOS/Android/BB/MacOS/Windows
Moncton City Hall Outdoor Community Skating Rink
2012/01/19           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Irishtown Nature Park, Blue Trail
2011/06/11           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Lighthouse on the Green
2010/10/03           Fredericton, NB
Spherical Panorama
MacArthur's Nurseries Demonstration Garden - Updated
2006/06/21           Moncton, NB
2 linked Cylindrical Panoramas
Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre - Updated
2011/03, 2008/09/02    Moncton, NB
4 Linked Spherical Panoramas
Irving Eco-Centre: la dune de Bouctouche
2006/xx/xx           Bouctouche, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Parlee Beach Motel, Exterior
2010/06/25           Shediac, NB
Panorama cylindrique
Capitol Theatre (stage)
2008/09/24           Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama linked to a second image on another web page
Petitcodiac River and Tidal Bore
2010/08/25           Gunningsville Bridge, Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Christmas Lights on Elmwood Drive
2006/12/31           Elmwood Drive, Moncton, NB
3 Cylindrical Panoramas with music
IAAF - World Junior Championships - Moncton 2010
2010/07/19-25           Stade Moncton Stadium, U. de M., Moncton, NB
12 Spherical Panoramas
Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravaganza 2010; Street Party
2010/07/09           Main street, Moncton, NB
3 Linked "Suspended" Spherical Panoramas
Motel Room
2010/06/25           Somewhere in NB
Truncated spherical Panorama
TransCanada Trail Footbridge/Petitcodiac River
2010/06/11           Riverfront Park, Moncton, NB
"Suspended" Spherical Panorama
Old Chapel, Memramcook Resort
2010/05/29           Memramcook (St Joseph), NB
Spherical Panorama
Two Bedroom Apt. in Housing Co-op
2010/02/24           Moncton, NB
4 Linked Spherical Panoramas
Art Exhibit: Resources Management (Gerald Beaulieu)
2010/02/05           Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton, NB
2 Linked Spherical Panoramas
City of Moncton Christmas Lights 2009
2009/12/14           Moncton Place, Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Tree of Hope Radiothon 2009
2009/11/27           CCNB-Dieppe, Dieppe, NB
Spherical Panorama
Family Photo, Backyard Fire Pit
2009/11/21           Near Fredericton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Radio CKUM-FM 93.5 On-Air Studio
2009/08/29           Université de Moncton, Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Central United Church
2009/08/25           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Jones Lake Monument
2009/08/16           Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
McAdam Railway Station
2009/08/08           McAdam, NB
2 Linked Spherical and Cylindrical Panoramas
Gibson Falls (near Gordon Falls)
2009/07/31           Elgin, Albert Co., NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Moncton High School Auditorium
2009/07/30           Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Moncton City Council Chambers
2009/07/13           Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Moncton Public Library
2009/03/23           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Moncton Gallery
2008/11/07           City Hall, Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Fire Truck
2008/10/10           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Capitol Theatre (auditorium)
2008/09/24           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama linked to a second image on another web page
Place 1604: Dieppe City Hall Complex
2008/09/22           Dieppe, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Atlantic International Balloon Festival (2008)
2008/09/05           Sussex, NB
8 Cylindrical Panoramas, with sound
Ivan's Camera
2008/08/20           Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Transport Canada Dash 8 Cockpit
2008/08/18           Dieppe (Lakeburn), NB
Spherical Panorama
Free Meeting House
2008/07/18           Moncton, NB
Sherical Panorama
St. Louis de Gonzague Church
2008/07/12           Richibucto, NB
Spherical Panorama
Yvon Gallant, Painter
2008/07/08           Centre culturel Aberdeen, Moncton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Bas-Cap-Pelé, Shore Erosion
2008/07/04           Bas-Cap-Pelé, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Videoconference Room
2008/03/30           Université de Moncton, Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Irving Memorial Chapel
2007/10/06           Bouctouche, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Red Apples at Belliveau Orchard
2007/09/23           Pré-d'en-Haut, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Barachois Historic Church
2007/09/01           Grand Barachois, NB
Spherical Panorama
Forty Five River Falls
2007/07/01           Fundy National Park, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
CCNB-Dieppe Press Conference
2007/05/25           Dieppe, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Moncton Coliseum
2007/04/14           Moncton, NB
2 Linked Cylindrical Panoramas
Rocky Mountain Maples
2007/03/25           Stilesville (near Moncton), NB
Spherical Panorama
Greater Moncton International Airport (GMIA)
2006/09/22           Dieppe, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
NBCCD Gallery
2006/10/10           Fredericton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Velodrome Caisse populaire Dieppe
2006/09/10           Dieppe, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
New Brunswick Legislative Assembly Building - Assembly Room
2006/08/18           Fredericton, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Christ the King Church (Église Christ-Roi)
2006/08/06           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Aberdeen cultural Centre & Summit Park
2006/07/30           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption)
2006/07/07           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Engineering Faculty, Université de Moncton
2006/06/17           Moncton, NB
Panorama sphérique
Belliveau Orchard in Bloom
2006/05/28           Pré-d'en-Haut, NB
Spherical Panorama
Riverview Riverfront Gazebo
2005/05/31           Riverview, NB
Cylindrical Panorama
Moncton City Hall at Night
2005/05/12           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama
Toyota Corolla CE 2001 Interior
2005/04/30           Moncton, NB
Spherical Panorama

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