Tidal bore seen from Gunningsville Bridge

Petitcodiac River and Tidal Bore (seen from the Gunningsville Bridge)

The Petitcodiac River is one of only a few rivers in the world that feature a tidal bore. This natural phenomenon is caused by the tides of the Bay of Fundy, some of the highest in the world. A tidal bore is a wave formed by the rising tide, which goes against the normal flow of a river.

The tidal bore actually causes the flow of the Petitcodiac River to reverse direction twice daily as the tide comes up the funnel-shaped Bay of Fundy and overpowers the normal outgoing flow of the river.

This 360-degree interactive panoramic image of the Petitcodiac River and its tidal bore was created from pictures taken from the Gunningsville Bridge; it links the city of Moncton and the town of Riverview. The bridge was built as a replacement in 2005; one of the previous bridge's piers can still be seen downstream, in front of the incoming tidal bore.

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For more information on the Petitcodiac River, visit the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper website.

This image is also displayed on the World Wide Panorama website.

Location: Moncton, NB, Canada
Approximate GPS location on Google Maps: 46 4 26.4 N 64 47 1.68 W.
Date: 2010/08/25
Details: 360 x 180 degrees, full spherical panorama