Riverfront Park Gazebo, Riverview

This large gazebo is situated along the Petitcodiac River, in the Riverfront Park that stretches from the causeway all the way to the new bridge and beyond. Look upriver (in the direction of the sun) and zoom onto the small plaque; you should be able to read a text that explains the natural phenomenon of the tidal bore. The gazebo can be a good spot to see the tidal bore, especially if it is helped along by the wind and favourable a Moon position.

The Petitcodiac River reverses direction twice daily as the tide comes up the funnel shaped Bay of Fundy and overpowers the outgoing flow of water. The tidal bore is a wave formed by the rising tide, which goes against the normal river flow. In April 2010, the gates of the causeway (visible upriver if you zoom into the image) were opened permanently, in a controversial move by the provincial government. Eventually, the gates will be removed and the causeway replaced by a bridge. Gradual changes are then expected to happen to the river, among them is the return of the tidal bore to its original glory.

Location: Riverfront Park, Riverview, NB, Canada
Date: 2005/05/31
Details: 360 x 86 degrees, cylindrical panorama