Clients Section

Good communication in the foundation of good service. We provide this page to ensure our business relationships are based on accurate and comprehensive information.

Consultation... Before, During and After!

It is our intention to provide top quality service to our clients. We also understand how important visual communications and photography in particular can be important for you. It is important for us to know a clients' industry, the challenges you face and the strategy you are following. Consultation is therefore an important part of of any project. We do much more than "take pictures" for our clients!


Depending on the scope of the project, we usually prefer to operate under a contract that specifies the details, such as:

  • Summary description of the project
  • Your intended goals
  • What will be photographed
  • Where it will be photographed
  • When or in what timeframe it will be photographed
  • Variables that may affect any of the above (weather, for example)
  • Materials (if any are required)
  • Transportation costs (if outside Greater Moncton)
  • What exactly will be produced for the client
  • Materials or activities to be supplied by the client
  • What options you have chosen or that may be available later
  • Milestones or client approval checkpoints as the project progresses
  • Whether or not instructions for use are required by the client
  • Copyright or usage agreement
  • Archival services for long term availability of files
  • Delivery date/time
  • Delivery method (CD/DVD, e-mail, ftp, prints, etc.)
  • Delivery costs (if any)
  • Applicable taxes
  • Payment method

Copyright Issues

Photography, regardless if it is for personal, business or institutional applications, is an art form and as such is covered under the Canadian Copyright Act and international agreements. Unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstanding about how this affects professional photography. The copyright Act is currently under revision in Canada and changes are expected to affect professional photography. As part of the consultation process we will make sure to cover any and all copyright issues with you.

For more information about copyright issues, visit: the Canadian Intellectual Property Office