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We take this opportunity to thank all our past and present clients. They realize the importance of using the best solution to attaint their goals and we aim to supply them with exactly that.

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Place Assomption; Moncton, NB
Two linked panoramas, on the ground and roof
HTML5 and Google Cardboard VR compatible Cardboard icon
Interface outsourced by client
Parlee Beach Motel; Shediac, NB
Six panoramas and the picture gallery
HTML5 compatible (no Flash!).
MacArthur's Nurseries, Moncton, NB
Spring Virtual Tour
Nine spherical panoramas including one elevated point of view (HTML5 compatible)
Shediac Lobster Festival, Shediac, NB
The longest lobster supper
One elevated point of view spherical panorama (HTML5 compatible)
Website design by Vox Interactif
Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, Moncton, NB
Eight linked spherical panoramas (HTML5 compatible)
Four of eight images converted to video, on YouTube: Animated 360 images
Website design by Branch Design
Moncton Maple Sugar Camp, Moncton, NB
One spherical panorama (HTML5 compatibile)
Website design by City of Moncton
Ivan's Camera, Moncton, NB
Three linked spherical panoramas with custom interface (HTML5 compatibility pending)
Website design by Connectik Interactive
Dr Howley, Plastic Surgery, Moncton, NB
Five linked spherical panoramas with audio (HTML5 compatibility pending)
The Village on Dieppe Blvd; Dieppe, NB: Le Saint-Germain I | Le St Germain II
Two separate spherical panoramas (HTML5 compatible) and most photos on the web site
Website design by
Immaculate Church of Mary; Riverview, NB
One spherical panorama
Magic Mountain Waterpark, Moncton, NB
Six linked spherical panoramas, HTML5 compatible
Shediac Multipurpose Centre; Shediac, NB
One spherical panorama and interior & exterior photography
Website design by Mindsweep/M5i
Fliker Photo Album
Energytite Insulators; Moncton, NB
Promotional Video and some of the photos
Website design by Mindsweep
Hall's Landing, luxury accommodations; Moncton, NB
Three linked spherical panoramas
Website design by Axion Marketing
Crystal Palace, amusement park; Dieppe, NB
Ten+ linked spherical panoramas with ambient sound and music
Website not available
Moncton Public Library; Moncton, NB
One spherical panorama
Celebration Centre by Moncton Wesleyan; Moncton, NB
Four linked spherical panorama
Website design by Torch Media
Université de Moncton; Moncton, NB
Thirty-three spherical and cylindrical panoramas
Website design by U. de M. staff
Capitol Theatre; Moncton, NB
One spherical and one cylindrical panoramas
Website design by Inspiration Design
Barachois Historical Church; Barachois, NB
One spherical panorama