More than Pictures: Interactive 360° Panoramic Images (virtual tours)

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and that people understand and remember even better when they can also hear and/or touch, right? So how can this be accomplished on the web? You are already using pictures on your web site, great! Now imagine showing your potential clients your whole showroom in a single image (or a virtual tour) AND retain their attention with sound AND involve them through interactivity! All within that one image. When multiple interactive images are linked, they become a true virtual tour. offers more than pictures to businesses and institutions in the Greater Moncton area and beyond. We create images that carry a sense of reality and involves the viewer through interactivity. By adding sounds and interactivity to images you reach out to people that learn and remember better when using their senses of hearing (auditory) and touching (kinesthetic ). Immerse your prospective clients in a virtual environment consisting of real images. Bring them into your virtual showroom, allow them to look around and better understand the products and services you offer.

Interactive 360° panoramic images or "virtual tours", done right, will impress, involve and generate interest from your potential clients. Add an interactive multimedia element to your website without the complications or expense of video, special software, computer generated graphics or complex animations.

PHOTOVISION360 Services Include:

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  • 360° Interactive Images: Also known as "virtual tours" when two or more images are linked together. These are detailed, high resolution, colour corrected, retouched images that can really enhance the experience of visitors on your website.

  • VR Objects: Interactive images showing 360° views of an object. High quality "3D-like" interactive images (not computer-generated) of your product, artwork, other object or even a person.

  • Photography: Professional-grade high resolution images captured on-location for corporate, industrial or institutional use. We will wait for perfect positioning of the sun for an architectural shot, get our hands dirty in an industrial setting, freeze our butts in cold weather, scout a location prior to a shoot, build a tool or prop that doesn't exist anywhere yet!

  • Prints: Fine art prints of selected landmarks and nature scenes. Occasionaly, our fine art prints are exhibited in local art galleries; they make great corporate gifts with a local/regional accent.

  • Video production: Specializing in industrial and institutional video production. Our videos are designed for trade show kiosks, documenting locations or events, employee training, in-house communications, corporate web video channels, and other non-broadcast purposes. When content is more important than special effects!

  • Small Group Training: Specializing in photography and Internet productivity training sessions for small groups. Consultation on related subjects available on request. Bilingual service.

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