High Angle or Elevated Photography, Also Known as "Pole Aerial Photography" (PAP)

How many times have you wished you could get a picture of your property or building from a higher vantage point? Is your property wide and short with no high ground nearby to allow a better picture to be taken? Is it important for you to show a large horizontal surface area? Looking for a new angle to show your company compound? Are satellite and aerial photography beyond your requirements... or budget? High angle photography (also known as pole elevated or low level aerial photography) is the solution!

Got a Cherry-Picker? Helicopter? Airplane?

No need for heavy equipment or traditional aerial photography! We can shoot from ground-level all the way to about 20 feet (6 m) above it. You'll be surprised at the difference that height can make!

A Different Point of View For a New Way to See Your Business or Property

A higher point of view provides opportunities for a different angle on the subject photographed. The key is to elevate the camera just enough to optimize the visual composition or to provide a never-been-done-before view of the subject. Using a wider angle lens or shooting from a longer distance will still produce images with the usual eye-level point of view. Additionally, wide-angle lenses can cause optical distorsions or there may not be enough room to allow shooting with a narrow angle lens. High angle or pole aerial photography provides images that better show horizontal surface areas, any subject that is low and wide or subjects that are too high to be photographed adequately from ground-level.

An Alternative to Aerial Photography

In many situations, high angle photography (also known as "pole aerial", "telescopic mast", "low altitude" or "elevated" photography) may well be the only solution, short of hiring a helicopter or airplane. Traditional aerial photography may produce the images you want, but at a high dollar and logistical cost! High angle photography is practical and cost-effective for subjects that cover up to about 30,000 square feet (approx. 100 x 300 ft or 3,000 square metres) or that are up to four stories high.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Real estate, commercial properties, tourist attractions, landscape design, golf courses, landmarks, large artworks, corporate headquarters, engineering projects, construction sites, equipment compounds, etc. High angle or pole aerial photography provides an alternate point of view on many types of subjects. An effective solution when traditional aerial photography might not be. Feel free to bounce your ideas on us!

Combined High Angle and 360° Photography: Elevated Panoramas

This combination will impress even the well-informed photography enthousiasts! Imagine an interactive 360° image shot from a point above the scene, with no visible means of support. Besides being a novelty (the WOW factor), the resulting immersive and interactive image will place the viewer not only in the scene but above it! The best viewpoint to show a large outdoor scene is bird's eye view above it!

See Our High-Angle Images Gallery!

Click on one of the images on the left. Most images were captured in the Greater Moncton area (New Brunswick, Canada). You'll see locations you may already know... but from an elevated point of view (high angle)!