Professional Photography Services

Location Photography

"We come to you" photography. We will shoot almost anything on-location, from head & shoulder business portraits, products, devices, machines, production processes, interior or exterior architectural subjects, etc. We have both small portable battery-operated flashes and large studio flashs available for location shoots.

High-Angle Photography or Pole Photography

High-angle photography shows your building, landscape or other large area from a high viewpoint. Much simpler and more cost-effective than renting a cherry-picker or a helicopter! See the section of this website dedicated to high angle photography.

Stock Photography

Various images of local and regional landmarks, events, nature and others. Usage rights are available for various commercial uses. Over the years we have photographed landmarks and scenery in New Brunswick; we also have generic images that can be used in various projects. Whether you have a specific image in mind or just looking for a "beauty-shot", call us, we may already have it!

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Architectural Photography

Whether you designed it, built it, renovated it, supplied materials for it, own it, manage it or lease it... We will show it to the world and make it (and you) look good. Architectural photography is a very specific type of photography; we either consult with you to make sure we photograph what is important to you or you can just let us scout the location(s) and let us pick the best points of view, time of day or season, etc. Visit the Architectural Photo Gallery.

Industrial Photography

We will go where we have to, when we have to, to get that perfect shot to capture the essence of what you do and how you do it. Assembly lines, machinery, moving parts, manufactured parts, small or fingertip-sized precision devices, computer screens, vehicles, warehouse-size work areas, wet/hot/cold/dusty environments, hard to reach areas... That's what industrial photography is all about. We love a challenge! Visit the Industrial Photo Gallery

Corporate Photography

Under construction...

Events Photography

Under construction...

We Don't (Usually) Do Weddings or Grads...

There are plenty of photographers available to cover these types of photography. We much prefer to satisfy the communication and marketing needs of corporate clients. However, give us a call anyway, we'll gladly discuss your needs and what we can offer you.