What Does it Cost?

Well, it depends on many factors; that's why a consultation is required in order for you to explain your objectives, needs or requirements and for us to come up with a solution, the logistics of the project and the cost. But since you asked so nicely... For a single fullscreen-capable, interactive, 360° image in "Flash" format, with your company logo (supplied by the client), shot in Greater Moncton, requiring only basic retouching and delivered by e-mail within five business days, you can expect a cost between $275 and $375. Additional fees may be charged to cover travel, materials, models, advanced retouching, graphic design, customized interface, audio recording and editing, stock production music, etc.

We charge per project rather than per image. Please ask for an estimate or a quotation and allow us to build a project that meets your needs.

Our Basic Fees Typically Cover the Following:

• a consultation on the telephone or on location,
• the travel time within greater Moncton,
• the site preparation,
• the shooting time on location,
• the production of a working first draft,
• testing on various platforms,
• an on-line demo for client review,
• communications by telephone or e-mail,
• one set of adjustments, revisions or corrections requested by the client,
• colour correction and basic retouching (no camera or location is perfect!),
• a final demo on-line for client approval,
• quick delivery by e-mail and a CD or DVD back-up,
• instructions for setting-up on your website, and
• a follow-up to ensure satisfaction.

Each project is different, we adapt our workflow to the location, the project requirements and your communication objectives. If the project is complex or options are added, the cost will reflect this. The cost per image may be lower if multiple similar images are captured during the same shooting session or if the requirements of the project allow it.

Prices, Quotations and Estimates

A quotation provides you with an exact price. An exact price has to be matched to an exact project, therefore we will require a detailed description of your project. If your project is complex or requires a lot of work, we will probably suggest an on-site consultation to make sure we fully understand your needs, objectives and visit the location to be photographed. We will then prepare a detailed proposal for you.

If your project is still evolving, we may be able to integrate with your project team to ensure a perfect fit. In this case, however, we can supply you with an estimate which will give you a ball park figure (or a min/max scheme) of the costs based on your intentions. This will allow you to adjust your budget even before we work out the details.

The Concepts of Cost and Value

The cost and the value of something are two different concepts. The cost is what comes out of your bank account, value is what you are getting from your purchase: what it does for you today, tomorrow, next week, this year...

Before buying anything, ask yourself: What is its value to me or to my organisation? How can this help me reach my goals? Will I possibly throw it away after a couple of uses or still be using it years from now? Will this enhance my prestige, my reputation or my self-confidence? Should I buy a cheaper version, pray it doesn't break down and hope no one will notice? Should I go for quality, durability, peace-of-mind and, at the same time, satisfy even the worst critic?

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