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To access your project files, click on your assigned client or project name, you will be asked to supply your username and password. Your project will appear in a new window (or a new browser tab); close it to return here.

Please do not share this information with unauthorized persons; we cannot guarantee confidentiality if this information is shared. To insure security, close (exit or quit) your browser or clear your cache to close the session. To change your username or password, please contact us.

If you forget your username or password, please contact us. We will assign you a new username and/or password within 24 hours (this is not an automated process!).






Uploading Files Via FTP

If your project requires you to send us large files or many files at the same time, you may send them via FTP (File Tranfer Protocol). Each client folder has a limit of 250 MB (total); advise us if you need more. Please contact us for the address, your username and password and don't forget to e-mail us to request confirmation we have received your files.