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Two-Bedroom Apartment in a Housing Co-op

What is a housing co-operative? "Housing co-operatives provide not-for-profit housing for their members. The members do not own equity in their housing. If they move, their home is returned to the co-op, to be offered to another individual or family who needs an affordable home. ... Because co-ops charge their members only enough to cover costs, repairs, and reserves, they can offer housing that is much more affordable than average private sector rental costs. Co-op housing also offers security. Co-ops are controlled by their members who have a vote in decisions about their housing. There is no outside landlord. Each housing co-operative is a legal association, incorporated as a co-operative. Canada’s housing co-ops are guided by international co-operative principles, adapted for housing co-ops." Reference: Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF).

Location: Moncton, NB, Canada
Date: 2010/02/24   2016/10 Update: new windows
Details: Four linked 360 x 180 degrees, full spherical panoramas. A true "virtual tour".
These images includes optional texts and graphics to identify each room and its size.