360° VR Objects Gallery

VR objects are interactive images that show a product or artwork from all angles. It is possible to show a small object from any angle, including directly above or below, if required. VR objects are not technically "3D" because they are based on actual photographs, not computer-generated synthetic images.

In panoramic 360° images, the camera is positionned in the centre of the scene and looks outwards; with VR objects, the camera does not move and captures different views of the object as it rotates on a hidden turntable. For large objects, the camera can be moved around the object in order to capture front, side and rear views in increments of 30° (12 images), 20° (18 images), 15° (24 images), 10° (36 images). More images per object provide a smoother movement but the trade-off is a larger file.

Click on a thumbnail to jump to its gallery page. The images below are not interactive.