Forty Five River Falls

A rather spectacular location but hard to find without proper indications. Even if you are litterally on top of it (on the wooden covered bridge) you may miss it entirely. To fully appreciate this waterfall you must go under the bridge. Be careful climbing down and don't even think of swiming in these fast moving waters! This 360° panoramic image was captured under the south end of the bridge but the north end also offers good vantage points.

Warning: this location is in a rugged area, only a few locals travel this dirt road. Before visiting this site, please tell someone where you are going and when to expect a call from you to confirm you are back. Please do not litter, bring out whatever you brought in!

For more information on this waterfall and others, visit the wonderful website.

Location: On the edge of Fundy National Park, Approximately (very approx.) 12 km north of Alma, NB, Canada.
GPS location on Google Maps, 45.6865 N 64.9528 W (or 45 41 11.4 N   64 57 10.08 W)
Date: 2007/07/01
Details: 360 x ±80 degrees, cylindrical panorama
Disclaimer: the sky was not really blue on that day...