Gibson Falls (aka: Hermit Falls), Albert County, NB

Please turn on your speakers to hear the sound of the waterfalls.

I have previously and mistakenly identified these falls as Gordon Falls, but they are in fact Gibson Falls. Historically, they have also been referred to as Hermit Falls. Gordon Falls is on the Pollett River and Gibson Falls is part of Gibson Brook which feeds the river. Apparently, there are two Gibson Falls in New Brunswick; one in Albert County and the second in Carleton County, near Woodstock. For more information on this waterfall and others, visit the wonderful website.

The volume of water, and therefore the width of the falls, varies from day to day. The best time to visit would be within 24 hours after a good rainfall.

Warning: even though this location is only about 300m from a well-travelled road, it is a rugged area. Before visiting this site, please wear adequate clothing and footwear, tell someone where you are going and when to expect a call from you to confirm you are back. It is a beautiful place to visit; please do not litter, bring out what you brought in!

Location: Elgin, Albert County, NB, Canada.
Approximate GPS location on Google Maps, 45.78251 N 65.09210 W
Date: 2009-07-31 14:30
Details: 360 x 86 degrees, cylindrical panorama