City of Moncton Christmas Lights 2009

The City of Moncton created a spectacular Christmas lights display in December, 2009. The whole area in front of City Hall is illuminated with thousands of lights of different colours. The lights reflect in the snow and surrounding buildings creating a joyful atmosphere.

As I was taking the pictures required to create this interactive 360° panoramic image, a group of people arrived to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights. A Menorah, a special candle holder to mark the eight days of Hanukkah, had some of its lights turned on. Just beyond the group, facing the plaza, is a large depiction of the traditional Christian nativity scene. At least two major religions were therefore represented near Moncton City Hall this year.

The area around the camera position will apparently serve as a skating rink when temperatures permit. This promises to be an interesting subject for another 360-degree panoramic image!

This image can also be seen on the World Wide Panorama web site: World Wide Panorama: Moncton Christmas Lights.

Location: Moncton, NB, Canada. Exact GPS location on Google Maps
Date: 2009/12/14
Details: 360 x 180 degrees, full spherical panorama