Chamber of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

This is the official seat of the government of the Province of New Brunswick, one of the ten provinces and three territories of Canada. This room is in the Legislature Building, situated in the capital city of Fredericton. It was opened in 1882 and is today a protected historic site under the Historic Sites Protection Act. The Legislature Building is open to vistors and tours are available year-round, see link below for details. This is a "must-see" attraction for all visitors to Fredericton.

The above 360-degree interactive panoramic image (this is not a video!) shows the assembly room where elected representatives, also known as members of the legislative assembly (MLAs), debate and vote. From this viewpoint in the gallery, the party in power sits on the far side, the opposition the near side. The leader of the house on the raised platform between the two sections.

For more information, visit the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick website:

Location: 706 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB, Canada
Date: 2006/08/18
Details: 360 x 86 degrees, cylindrical panorama.