McAdam Railway Station Dining and Lunch Rooms

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“The McAdam Railway Station is a large Canadian railway station that dominates the village of McAdam, New Brunswick. In 1900, the CPR began construction of the massive combined railway station/hotel in McAdam to cater to wealthy passengers changing trains to continue to the resort town of St. Andrews where they would stay at the CPR's hotel The Algonquin. The station was commissioned by legendary CPR President Sir William Van Horne who maintained an exclusive private estate in St. Andrews on Minister's Island. The station was built in the Chateau style and resembles a Scottish castle. It was built of local granite and located at the western end of the wye leading to St. Andrews from the Montreal-Saint John main line.” Reference:

McAdam Railway Station website:

Location: McAdam Railway Station, McAdam, NB, Canada (85 km south-west of Fredericton)
Date: 2009/08/08
Details: - Two linked images sharing the same "skin" (interface)
- Windows have been retouched to reduce overexposure
- Simulated ambient sound plays automatically but can be stopped and restarted using buttons
- Help/Info panel appears automatically but can be hidden and recalled using the "i" button
- Dining room: 360 x 180 degrees, full spherical panorama
- Lunch room: 360 x ±80 degrees, cylindrical panorama