Moncton Wesleyan Church / Wesleyan Celebration Centre

Four 360° Linked Images - Celebration Centre (2 images), Atrium, and Life Centre

This is Atlantic Canada's largest church. The Celebration Centre features 1800 comfortable seats on two levels, as well as modern light, sound and projection systems. The Celebration Centre is actually a multipurpose auditorium and is used for many community events. The Atrium also serves as a large open area to hold events. The Life Centre is a two-level 600-seat auditorium with pew seating and a large stage.

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Location: 945 St. George Blvd., Moncton NB, Canada   See links above.
Date: 2011/03/18 (Balcony); 2011/03/26 (Atrium and Life Centre) and 2008/09/02 (Celebration Centre Floor)
Details: 360 x 180 degrees, four linked full spherical panoramas