About This Website


At the time of this writting (2011-01-27), this web site (French and English pages combined) consisted of approximately:

  • 1618 files
  • 138 folders
  • 482 web pages (some are typically hidden)
  • 577 jpg files... Mostly images
  • 93 gif files... Mostly graphics
  • 62 png files... Graphics or images
  • 144 swf files... Interactive (360° panoramas and objetcs) images in flash format
  • 1 mov files... Interactive 360° images in Quicktime format
  • 5 js files... Scripts
  • 2 php files... Scripts
  • 2 doc files... Word documents
  • 1 css file... To style 95% of the website
  • 33+ miscellaneous files
  • About 280 MB of information!

Terms of Use


Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs, virtual images, virtual tours, multimedia presentations, graphics, logos, ambient sounds, voice recordings, texts, source code, and other items resulting from a creative process are owned by Photovision360 and are protected by Canadian laws and international treaties on intellectual property, which includes copyright. Any and all usage, reproduction, distribution or broadcast by any electronic or other methods of the content of this website is strictly forbidden without the prior authorization of Photovision360.

It is forbidden to create a mirror version of any kind of this website or any page therein.


It is forbidden to hot-link to any specific content item of this website, including but not limited to photos, images and graphics. You are allowed to post a link to this website, preferably to the home page, on another website, however we encourage you to inform us of this.

Visiting this Website

You are allowed to view the content of this website by using the provided navigation links; however, any attempt to gain access, without permission, to hidden content or to any other files is forbidden and may result in the blocking of such attempts on our part.

Measures have been put into place to minimize the risk caused by virus and other types of malware to visitors; however, Photovision360 is not responsible for any damage or malfunction of the visitors’ computer caused by visiting this website.

Information Presented

All information presented on this website is subject to change without prior notice.

Photovision360 does not guarantee that the information presented is accurate, up-to-date or complete and will not accept responsibility if you do not perform due diligence before taking any action based on the information presented.

Third Parties

This website has been created by using computer programs, technologies, techniques and processes that were created by or are owned by third parties; Photovision360 is not responsible for these.